For sale - Filly - Damline Olympic Champion Jus de Pomme

31 october 2018

Grandmother is halfsister of Olympic Champion Jus de Pomme, Quintus (Olympics), Tresor (Olympics), Richebourg, Shogun

Sierra Optima  °14/04/2018  Mare

Auction starts on 6 november at 20h (Europe/Brussels).
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Father : Ermitage Kalone  °2014  (Catoki x Kannan) 


Mother: Coline

  • Grandmother (Opaline de Pins) is the mother of
    • Olympic Champion 1996 Jus de Pomme
    • Quintus 10th Olympics 2008
    • Tresor d'Opaline Olympics 2008
    • Richebourg 1m60
    • Shogun 1m60.
  • Grand Prix magazine: "Opaline de Pins: Best broadmare in the world"
  • Equitime: "Mare of the century"

2nd mother: Topaline 1m50 Mainly used for breeding

3rd mother : Opaline des Pins

  • Jus de Pommes  1m60 Olympic champion 1996
  • Quintus  1m60 Olympics 2008 10th place
  • Tresor d'Opaline 1m60 Olympics 2008
  • Richebourg 1m60
  • Shogun 1m60

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