SBS approves Red Star Optimus (Goliath van de Groeneweg x Orchid's Romario)

16 february 2019

After approval by BRP, Red Star Optimus is now also approved by SBS, (Goliath van de Groeneweg x Orchid's Romario)

Red Star Optimus is a son of Goliath van de Groeneweg. We have 3 products of Goliath for sale:

- Vasco Optimus°2017   (Goliath van de Groeneweg x Dexter Leam pondi). Vasco has the same mother as Opaline Optima who recently became 6th in the 1m35 Worldcup manche in Stuttgart.

- Sissi Optima°2014 (B-pony) 

 Training course 90 cm

 90 cm Moervelden

Ponycriterium 80 cm Azelhof

- Tous Vents Optimus °2015 (B-Pony)

 90 cm Moervelden

 Training course 80-85 cm

Red Star Optimus (Goliath van de Groeneweg x Orchid's Romario)  is now in Italie. As a 5 years old, he already participated to 1m25 competitions. In the video above he jumps a trainingcourse of 1m35. His rider Cassandra Belli is doing a great job with him.

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