Ludo Philippaerts buys embryo from sister H&M All In on embryoauction

04 december 2019

Ludo paid €20 500 for the embryo of Otterongo alpha Z and the sister of H&M All In

The embryo Halifax van het Kluizebos from the mother H&M Harley vd Bisschop remained unsold. Remarkable considering the results of Harley last year with Nicola Philippaerts and Bertram Allen.


Three other embryos remained unsold (nrs 13, 18 en 19), from the foal collection only Major Optimus (Malito de Reve x Arko III).

Below you can find the links to this embryos:


Halifax vh Kluizebos x Mother Harley vd Bisschop

Mylord Carthago x Nabab de Rêve x Alegretto - Mother 8 yo - 145


Thunder vd Zuuthoeve x Balou du Rouet x Vigo - Mother 6yo - Related to Donatella N


Otterongo alpha z x Balou du Rouet x Vigo -Mother 6yo - Related to Donatella N

Foal Major Optimus (Malito de rêve x Arko III x Quidam de Revel)

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