Unique chance to come close to Ratina Z on Foal Auction 111

20 august 2018

Sir Optimus de Muze Z, for sale at Foal Auction 111 on 25/08. Online bidding is possible during the auction.

With this foal you are only one generation away from Ratina Z.

Maybe you will never get the opportunity again to come so close to this worldchampion and legendary Olympic star. 

Link to Foal Auction 111     You can follow the auction on www.clipmyhorse.tv


Online bidding is also possible during the auction tonight. 
Link for registration


Father: Hunters Scendro 

  • Most promissing stallion of his generation.
  • He was ridden by Harry Smolders but due to an injury his carreer ended at the age of 7. 

Mother : Call me de Muze

  • Daughter of Ratina gamma Z, the clone of  Ratina Z.
  • Ratina Z
    • Olympic Silver
    • Two times teamgold.
    • Worldchampion
    • Two times European Champion
    • Won the World Cup and many Grand Prix.




Sunday Optimus (Diamant x Casall) will be sold on the other simultaneous sales, the "Online foal auction 111".

You can bid already now untill 3/08/2018.   Link to online auction 111

Sunday Optimus (Diamant x Casall)

Father: Diamant de Semilly
Mother:  Casall out of the full sister of  Coupe de Coeur (3 x German Champion, 5th EC, 16 GP victories).


We sold an embryo out of the same mare  to  Stal 't Meulenhof. 


Coupe de Coeur


For other embryos, foals or horses you can contact us on +32 475 27 89 87


Mareline Sir Optimus de Muze:


1e mother : Call Me De Muze Z


2e mother : Ratina Gamma Z kloon van Ratina Z 1m60


3e mother : Argentina Z 

  • Ratina Z 1m60
    • Comme Il Faut 1m60
    • Crown Z 1m60
    • Treasure Z 1m60
    • ...
      • ​Chicago I Z 1m60
      • Santa Catarina LS La Silla 1m60
      • Camilo LS La Silla 1m60
      • Sterrehof's Cayetano Z 1m60
      • Costena LS Silla 1m45     
  • Renommee Z 1m60
  • Roxan Z
    • Ramadan Z 1m60
    • ... 
      • Darwin Z 1m60
    • ...
      • Van Dutch 1m60 
      • Dino W 1m60​
    • Cay-Leigh Z 1m50
    • Chamir Z 1m60

​​4e mother : Eureka

  • Ahorn Z,  Approved stallion Hann. Holst
  • ...
    • ​Faust Z 1m60
    • ...
      • ​Pepper Z 1m60
  • ...
    • ...
      • Roble Z 1m60
      • GP Llavaneras Clearway 1m60



Marline Sunday Optimus:


1st mother : Grace Optima °2014


2nd mother: Zoë Quality 1m45 volle zus van Coupe de Coeur 1m60


3th mother : ...

  • Coupe de Coeur 1m60
  • Russel 1m60
  • California 1m50
  • Corofina 1m45

4th mother : Kolin

  • ...
    • Marimba La Silla 1m60
      • ​Chairman LS La Silla 1m55
      • Manzanillo LS 1m50
      • Quirimbe LS La Silla 1m50


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