ET-auction: Emerald x sister Vagabond de la Pomme - Full brother € 51 000 at Bolesworth

27 september 2021

Bidding ends Monday 27/09 20h

Bidding on  => Emerald x sister Vagabond de la Pomme
Auction ends Monday 27/09 20h

Brother of this embryo, was sold for £43.000 (€50.000) at Bolesworth in August.

DAM: sister Vagabond de la Pomme,  Naturelle vh Legitahof (gold & silver medalist EC juniors),... She Gave already a 150 and two 145 horses

2nd DAM: sister of 160 horses Sea Coast Ferly, Querlybet Hero, Farfelu de la Pomme, Boyante de Muze, Giovani de la Pomme

3rd DAM: Narcotique de Muze 160, sister of 160 horses Walnut, Walloon, Werly Chin and Merveille de Muze

4th DAM: Qerly Chin 160

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Emerald x Zirocco Blue x Vagabond de la Pomme
Damline Walnut de Muze

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Closes 4 october

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