Our horses Knokke-d out a lot of competitors

08 july 2019

Cristel again clear in GP and again second in 1m45 LR during 2nd week Knokke. She has now 7 clears on 9 starts in 145 LR
  • Holiday Uno: 4th in the 1m45 LR CSI3*
  • Cacacha van Het Schaeck: 1 down in her first 1m55 GP 
  • Karlin van 't Vennehof: Clear in the GP CSI2* and in the 1m40 class.
  • Exquise du Pachis: Clear in the 1m45 LR CSI3*
  • Cristel M
    • Second in 1m45 LR week 1
    • Ninth in 1m45 GP week 1
    • Second in 1m45 LR week 2
    • Clear in the 1m45 GP week 2
    • Clear in the 1m40 class

From all our mares we have embryos and foals for sale. From Cristel we have 3 halfbrothers for sale.

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