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    Mother Cristel M in 145 GP CSI2* Knokke 2019
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    C-Trenton Z 1m60. Brother of the grandam

Father: AD Unaniem 1m60

  • 1m60 with Athina Onassis, Gerco Schröder
    2nd in CSIO5* Paris
  • Brother of Crack Uno (1m55 Emily Conter, Gianluca Graziotti)

Mother: Cristel M 1m50 

  • Fantastic outdoor season in CSI2* and CSI3* with a 17 years old rider:
    • 6 x clear in Grand Prix 
    • 7 x clear in Longines Ranking
    • Finished the season with a second place in the GP CSI 2* of Waregem after Suma's Zorro.
  • Cristel M moves now to another rider to prepare for the highest level
  • Sister jumps 155
  • Brother approved 2nd phase BWP stallion approval
  • Mother is a sister of C-Trenton Z 1m60, 2 x second in Derby Hamburg

    Cristel M in jump off LR CSI2* Knokke - 2nd place

    Cristel M in jump off GP CSI2* Waregem - 2nd place

1st mother : Cristel 1m50

2nd mother:Tiara M

  • 2008 Oak Grove's Battle cry 1m55
  • 2010 Cristel M 1m50
  • 2011 Diacento 1m30
  • 2016 Caesar Optimus approved in 2nd phase BWP​

3th mother : K-Jade

  • C-Trenton-Z 1m60
  • Maalwaters Acanisto 1m40
Unaniem Numero Uno Libero H
Passivona Voltaire
Cristel Diamant de Semilly Le Tot de Semilly
Venise D. Cres
Tiara M Cento

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