Probably the new H&M Harley van den Bisschop. Born 2017. For Sale.

01 november 2018

Same mother as Harley vd Bisschop. The father, Mistral Optimus, is a promissing son of Cornet Obolensky. Video free jump

Ricardo Optimus °2017  For Sale  Watch the Video above

Halfbrother of H&M Harley van den Bisschop 1m60 

Results in CSI5* in GP 1m60  
Winner in Estoril 2018, Calgary 2017,Tryon 2016, NC Final  Barcelona 2018 (Only 2 combinations with a double Clear) 
Second in Madrid 2018  
Third in London 2016
Fourth in Göteborg 2018
Fifth in St-Moritz 2017

Father:  Mistral Optimus °2012

  • Sun of Cornet Obelinsky 1m60

Mother: Charisma ( Coronado x Silvester)

  • Mother of H&M Harley van den Bisschop 1m60 

For next year we expect another halfsister or halfbrother. The father is Bamako de Muze.
This embryo is for sale. If you are interested please call us on +32 475 27 89 87

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