Ermitage Kalone, Belgian Champion 2023

23 september 2023

The phenomenal breeding stallion Ermitage Kalone won gold today at the Belgian Senior Championships in Lanaken.

We are pleased to present several foals and embryos by this fantastic stallion in our auction.
We offer

  • Filly: Eureka Optima,  Ermitage Kalone x Zirocco x Vagabond
  • Filly: ​Alpha Optima,  Ermitage Kalone x Udarco x Peter Pan
  • Filly: ​Arizona Optima, Ermitage Kalone x Balou du Reventon x Cartogran
  • Embryo: Ermitage Kalone x Cacacha vh Schaeck
  • ​Embryo: Ermitage Kalone x sister H&M All Inn
  • ​Embryo: Ermitage Kalone x full sister Obourg

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