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one generation away from Ratina Z

Father: Hunters Scendro

  • Most promossing stallion of his generation.
  • He came under the sadle of Harry Smolders but his carreer ended at 7 years old due to an injury.

Mother: Call me de Muze

  • Daughter of Ratina gamma Z, clone of Ratina Z.
  • Ratina Z
    • Olympic silver
    • Twice teamgold
    • Worldchampion
    • Twice Europian champion.
    • Winner of World Cup and many Grand Prix.

1st mother : Call Me De Muze Z °2012 1m30


2e mother : Ratina Gamma Z clone of Ratina Z 1m60


3e mother : Argentina Z 

  • Ratina Z 1m60
    • Comme Il Faut 1m60
    • Crown Z 1m60
    • Treasure Z 1m60
    • ...
      • Chicago I Z 1m60
      • Santa Catarina LS La Silla 1m60
      • Camilo LS La Silla 1m60
      • Sterrehof's Cayetano Z 1m60
      • Costena LS Silla 1m45     
  • Renommee Z 1m60
  • Roxan Z
    • Ramadan Z 1m60
    • ... 
      • Darwin Z 1m60
    • ...
      • Van Dutch 1m60 
      • Dino W 1m60
    • Cay-Leigh Z 1m50
    • Chamir Z 1m60

​​​​4e mother : Eureka

  • Ahorn Z Goedgekeurde hengst Hann. Holst
  • ...
    • ​Faust Z 1m60
    • ...
      • Pepper Z 1m60
  • ...
    • ...
      • Roble Z 1m60
      • GP Llavaneras Clearway 1m60
Malito des Reves Cumano Cassini I
Chanel II
Dira Courcelle Muguet Du Manoir
Valse De La Croix
Call Me De Muze Z Clarissimo Z Clarimo ASK
Ratina Gamma Z Ramiro Z
Argentina Z

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