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Grandmother is a sister of C-Trenton-Z

Father: Udarco Van Overis (Darco x Ramiro Z) 1m60

  • Udarco missed a great part of his career due to an injury

Mother: Cristel M (Diamant de Semilly x Cento) 1m50

  • Level 1m50 as an 8 year old
  • The mother is a sister of C-Trenton Z 1m60, 2 times second in Derby Hamburg

1st Dam : Cristel 1m50

2nd Dam:Tiara M

  • 2008 Oak Grove's Battle cry 1m55
  • 2010 Cristel M 1m50
  • 2011 Diacento 1m30​

3th Dam : K-Jade

  • C-Trenton-Z 1m60
  • Maalwaters Acanisto 1m40
Udarco van Overis Darco Lugano Van La Roche
Courage Ramiro Z
Cristel Diamant de Semilly Le Tot de Semilly
Venise Des Cresles
Tiara M Cento

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