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Grandmother is a halfsister of Olympic Champion Jus de Pömmes

Father : Triomphe de Riverland 1m50


Mother: Coline

  • Granddaughter of Opaline de Pins:
    • Grand Prix magazine: "Best broadmare in the world"
    • Equitime: "Mare of the century"


2nd mother: Topaline 1m50 Mainly used for breeding

3rd mother : Opaline des Pins

  • Jus de Pommes  1m60 Olympic champion 1996
  • Quintus  1m60 Olympics 2008 10th place
  • Tresor d'Opaline 1m60 Olympics 2008
  • Richebourg 1m60
  • Shogun 1m60
Triomphe de Riverland Cornet Obolenski Clinton
Rabanna van Costersveld
Jaquette Quito de Baussy
Reine Bidachotte
Coline Jaleo Du Defey Ramiro
Bilitis du Defey
Topaline Major de la Cour
Opaline des Pins

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