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Grandmother is the full sister of Donatella-N


Father: Le Blue Diamond van't Ruytershof (Plot Blue X Diamant de Semilly)

  • Plot Blue 1m60  Marcus Ehning.
  • Diamanthina
    • 1m60 Constant Van Paesschen.
    • Full sister of Emerald van het Ruytershof
  • Genetically very interesting: Plot Blue combined with the motherline from Emerald

Mother: Nefertiti Optima (Balou du Rouet X Vigo d'Arsouilles)

  • Promissing young mare, from the full sister of Donatella N
  • Nefertiti free jumping, 2 years old.
     Video free jumping

1st mother: Nefertiti Optima

3rd mother: Tikita N

  • Donatella-N 1m60
  • ...
    • ° 2010 ​Kaya vh Netehof 1m40

5th mother :

  • Tortola 1m60
Le Blue Diamond Van 't Ruytershof Plot Blue Mr. Blue
Diamanthina Van 't Ruytershof Diamant De Semilly
Carthina Z
Nefertiti Balou du Rouet Baloubet du Rouet
Elona-N Vigo d'Arsouilles
Tikita N

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