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Father: Hunters Scendro  

  • Most promising stallion of his generation Video Scendro jumping
  • He came under the saddle of Harry Smolders but got injured at 7 years.​​

Mother: J'adore vd Meulenberg  1m40  Video J'adore jumping

1st mother : J'adore Van De Meulenberg 1m40

2nd mother:...

  • J'adore vd Meulenberg 1m40
  • Kay Lee van de Meulenberg 1m35

3rd mother : ...

  • Allblesse van 't Vlasmeer  1m40
  • ...
    • Eblesse vh Schefkasteel 1m50
  • ...
    • Kid Pleasure d'Asschaut 1m45
Hunters Scendro Hunters Scendix Stakkato
Coletha Contendro I
J'adore Van De Meulenberg Ogano Sitte Darco
Ialta Sitte
Cheng Lee Van Berkenbroeck Lambada Van Berkenbroeck

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