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    sister of this Socrates Optimus
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    sister of this Socrates Optimus

The embryo is a full brother or sister of Socrates Optimus (Champion Stallion Approval BRP 2016)

 Link video Socrates Optimus 


Father: Goliath van de Groeneweg 1m35-1m40

  • 5  times selected for the European Championships (1x Silver, 1 x fifth)
  • Belgian Champion


Mother : Miss Mentos

  • International succesfull with Lisa Nooren and others
  • Mother of Socrates Optimus Champion 2017 of the BRP stallion Approval Link video Socrates Optimus
Goliath vd Groenweg Conor Mac Nessa Van Neyhofs Caesar
Akker Diana
Glencarrig Delphinium Coosheen Finn
Aran Miranda
Miss Mentos Mentos Merafic
Sarnau Saphire
Nora Nanuk

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